Kai Greene Was Robbed Again of the Mr. Olympia Title

Kai Greene RobbedDid Phil Heath Deserve Mr. Olympia 2014?

Year after year, Kai Greene is getting robbed of a win over his rival Phil Heath in the world's most prestigious bodybuilding title. Not everything went smoothly because bodybuilding fans have started to question the judge's calls. Most notably, Phil's win over Kai Greene in 2012 and now this year in 2014.

Phil Heath wins the best bodybuilder in the whole wide world AGAIN. International Federation of Body Building and Fitness (IFBB) is robbing real bodybuilders of the title. We believe that Kai Greene is the most deserving guy in the planet. Kai was clearly bigger and more aesthetically pleasing than Phil Heath. And, no one can contest Kai Greene's posing prowess.. so how the hell did he lose again this year?

Even Shawn Rhoden deserved to be placed higher than Phil Heath. Look at Shawn's physique and symmetry this year. The guy will win Mr. Olympia one of these days. But that will have to wait as the IFBB Rumor has it that Kai Greene will never win over Phil Heath because of the grapefruit issue. For those of you who don't know about the story, Kai had to resort working in the porn industry when he didn't have enough money to support himself. He did something with a grapefruit... but we'd rather not talk about the details here.

The point is - Mr. Olympia is supposed to be a bodybuilding competition and not a competition about past mistakes. Kai is an inspiration for a lot of bodybuilders because he has managed to hold his head up high even when the odds were always against him. The guy deserved to win but keeps getting robbed.

A lot of controversies are hounding the IFBB. We hope to see some major changes soon.


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