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Should Closed Cockpits Be Considered After Another Formula One Accident?

Formula One Closed Cockpits?With Jules Bianchi in critical condition after a horrific accident at the 2014 Formula One Suzuka Grand Prix in Japan, drivers, concerned citizens and officials are clamoring for improvement of safety protocols. Many have voice their concern and want the popular race to consider redesigning the Formula One car itself. What do you think?

Kai Greene Was Robbed Again of the Mr. Olympia Title

Kai Greene RobbedDid Phil Heath Deserve Mr. Olympia 2014?

Year after year, Kai Greene is getting robbed of a win over his rival Phil Heath in the world's most prestigious bodybuilding title. Not everything went smoothly because bodybuilding fans have started to question the judge's calls. Most notably, Phil's win over Kai Greene in 2012 and now this year in 2014.