Super Bowl 50 - Half-time entertainment was better than the game!

Image Source - The AtlanticSuper Bowl – is it about the ads and entertainment or the football?superbowl50

Well the 50th Super Bowl played out on Sunday- the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers. A great game seeing the Broncos defeat the Panthers 24-10. While the Panthers defence was good, it failed to keep the Broncos at bay.

Talk has centred around many players under-performing in the final. Peyton, Newton and Talib all played mediocre games. It's all about the stats, the yard gains, the hit-ups, the touch downs. Right?


It's all about the half time entertainment.

What a line-up of Beyoncé, Cold Play and Bruno Mars along with Lady Gaga bellowing out the anthem. This great day of football is all about the half time show and the advertisements.

I must admit that this year's entertainment was a stand out. I'm a Cold Play fan. Great show and dazzling effects. It simply over-powers the game. Super Bowl has turned into an outlandish rock-concert rather than football.

Then there was the ads. Too many. Super Bowl certainly makes a fair few bucks out of these companies – but I think there are too many now. Plus, you see all the ads on TV or the internet even before the game. Does it make me buy their products. No. I did like the Doritos ad, though. Clever. Good for a laugh, but I hate the chips.

So yet another year of Super Bowl is behind us. A fun day had by all. Hope you enjoyed it!

My memories though aren't of the game, but of those zip-up panties worn by Beyoncé!


Image Source : NewJersey News

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