Cracker Christmas Gifts - Cool gifts for men!

santa deerIt's that time of the year that we men love to hate. The thought of spending endless hours traipsing around shopping centres trying to find gifts is enough to give you nightmares.  So avoid the crowds, the car park dramas and impulse buying by shopping online. There's still plenty of time to ensure delivery before the big day.

If you're anything like me, you have reached that point in your life where you and your partner agree to buy your own present for under the tree. At least, this is one way to ensure you get what you want. I have also learned that in spite of this "agreement" we have, I still have to ensure that there is a surprise under the tree for her. Go figure!

To help you out, we have compiled a list of our favourite online stores that might help you find something for yourself, or that father/brother/uncle/in-law this Christmas.

Have a great festive season. Cheers! The Man Blog.




Gotta love the gadgets. Technology is everywhere and if you're like us, you love showing off your latest gadgets to your mates and work colleagues. Whether it be wearable technology like Samsung Watches, the trendiest tablet or the coolest laptop - you'll find a bargain online at Kogan.Com


It's that time of year that most of us like to indulge in a drink or two.  For that perfect gift, for that special someone, for that end of a hard day's work treat, find great deals on grog at Dan Murphy's.


Whether you're down under in summer or up north freezing your manhood off in the winter, you can't go wrong with sensational gear from Quiksilver. Look good as always and feel your best in this awesome clothing.



For the man who likes the outdoors and riding bikes is your way of life. Check out all the bargains at Wiggle.Com. All the latest gear for swimming, cycling, triathlon and more.


You've worked hard all year, you deserve a holiday! Book that last minute holiday away.

Webjet Hotels


This online store is fabulous for unique, hard to find gifts. 


And for the truly weird and wonderful ideas, check out the recommendations from Buzzfeed.  They've certainly highlights some quirky choices in their list. Not sure about unicorn snot though!


 Happy Holidays Everyone!