Are you looking for one? Don't know where to start? Have got one and need help in keeping on the right path? How about want your ex back or want to find a new life after divorce?

We aim to try and cover all stages of relationships. We don't care about your sexual preference, we want to help you in whatever stage of a relationship your at.

10 Great Gift Ideas That Never Fail on Valentine's Day

Valentine's DayIt's almost Valentine's Day. Never believe your girlfriend / wife / partner that they don't want anything for Valentine's Day. Of course they do! It's a given. Women who don't want or don't expect anything on Valentine's Day are like fairy tales – they're nice to hear but not real.

It's true that some might not expect anything, but the moment she sees a friend receiving flowers, chocolates or a gift, jealousy will raise its ugly head.

Season's Greetings from The Man Blog


We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. 

Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Season Greetings from The Man Blog

5 Tips On How to Pick up Girls at Parties

5 Tips On How To Pick Up GirlsThe silly season is about to unfold. October – we have Oktoberfest and Halloween. November we have the horse race that stops the nation, The Melbourne Cup (growing popularity around the world), leading into Thanks Giving, then just around the corner is Christmas. Party season is upon us.

For those of us that are single, all the up and coming parties provide us with endless possibilities for picking up a lady or two. But there is a knack, a certain amount of skill and confidence required to perform the task.

We decided to help you guys out there is this age old art.

Best Man's Wedding Speeches - How to Make the Best Wedding Speech Ever

Best Man's Wedding SpeechesMates are mates. You think you and your little posse are going to stay the same forever. You laugh, joke and catch up for beer. One night stands or girlfriends come and go, but the boys will always stick together. Then... one day, it's just you and your mate having a quiet drink at the bar and he shatters your world apart. He tells you he's going to get married. WTF?

Save the Marriage - Avoid divorce.

Save The MarriageOut of curiosity, a simple Googling of the divorce rate in the world shocked me. I found out that:

• In the United States, there is a 40-50% chance that a marriage will end in divorce. . It's even higher for second marriages - 60% end up in divorce.
• In Europe, some countries like Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Luxembourg, and Spain go over the 60%, divorce rate.
• In Australia about 46% of marriages will end up in divorce.
• Asian divorce rate is still low compared to its western counterparts, but is at an increasing rate.

500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know

what women wantThe Secrets About Women That They'll Never Tell You

This is the best thing to come on the market since the invention of the bikini. "500 Secrets About Girls Every Guy Should Know," written by Cucan Pemo, is a rare glimpse into the complicated mind of a woman.

We at The Man Blog have quit wondering why women can't be as simple as us men. Men only need food, alcohol (beer, wine, etc) and sex (and preferably lots of all of them). But relief is at hand to find out the secrets about girls.

Father's Day - Being the best dad you can be.

Father's DayFather's Day is on September 7th, 2014. This is a day to celebrate your family, kids and being a dad. It's great to be a dad. Most of us at TheManBlog.Com have two kids. Being a dad is awesome. School and homework is crazy, sports take up the weekend, but camping, holidays, hugs and smiles on their faces when they see you make everything worthwhile. You might be a soon-to-be-dad, dad with young kids, old kids, moved out kids. Or you might be a divorced dad, step-dad, or not sure if you are a dad (how many girls have you had unprotected sex with?) Many of us guys are in different stages of dadhood. So grab a beer, crack it open and here's cheers to you. Let's celebrate.

Happy Father's Day.

300 Creative Dates - Inexpensive ways to woo your partner.

300 Creative Dates300 Creative Dates - who would have thought there was that many things to do on a date!  Remember the good 'ol days where it was just a movie (a drive-in theatre), a dinner or a day at the beach. 

Is the dating game getting harder and harder? Want some ideas on how to really impress that gal on some dates that she will most certainly remember?

Maybe your just looking to add some zing back into your relationship because you're sick of doing the same old boring things.  And let's face it - most of us guys are not the creative type.  Well, we have managed to find something of interest.