Apple Watch - Is it all its cracked up to be?

Apple WatchApple claim that this watch represents a new relationship between people and technology. It’s innovation lies in the fact that it can be worn.

With accurate timekeeping, messaging and physical vibrations that alert you to notifications, this gadget is feature rich.

Smarter Fitness – this is one of my favourite features of the watch. It can give you a complete picture of your daily activity. The app helps to motivate you, sit less and get some exercise. It is graphically appealing and advanced compared to many other fitness watches available on the marketplace.

It can even recommend daily activity plans for you.

The Apple Watch comes in a wide variety of designs to reflect your personal taste. Variety in band styles, custom faces and coloured bands are available.

There are three collections 1) Watch – stainless steel 2) Watch Sports and 3)Watch Edition

Apple Watch



The Apple Watch collection features highly polished stainless steel or space-black stainless steel cases. The display is protected by sapphire crystal. And there’s a choice of three different leather bands, a link bracelet, a Milanese loop and a band made from high-performance fluoroelastomer. There are twenty different variations for you to choose from and two different face sizes, either 38mm or 42mm.

Watch Sports

The Sport collection cases are made from lightweight anodised aluminium in silver and space-grey. The display is protected by strengthened Ion-X glass. And the matching fluoroelastomer band comes in five different colours - blue, green, white, pink and black. The Sport collection is up to 30 per cent lighter than the stainless steel model and comes in ten different models. The face comes in either 38mm or 42mm.

Watch Edition

The Edition collection features eight uniquely elegant expressions of Apple Watch. Each has the watch case (the area around the face) crafted from 18-carat gold that our metallurgists have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold. The display is protected by polished sapphire crystal. And an exquisitely designed band provides a striking complement. The watch case is available in rose or yellow gold with a variety of band options.

Apple Watch Features

  1. Messages and Calls to your wrist. The technology we’d only ever seen in movies is now a reality. Send messages, emoticons, or make calls are all standard features.
  2. Receive your emails
  3. Health and fitness – Stand, move, exercise. Built in sensors know when you are standing, it can track the calories you burn within your daily activity.
  4. Workout App - real-time stats like elapsed time, distance, calories, pace and speed for a variety of the most popular activities, including running, using the elliptical trainer and cycling — indoors or out. Has a heart rate sensor as well.
  5. Apple Watch is water resistant
  6. Progress reports to keep you motivated.
  7. There are also a number of apps you’re familiar with — like Mail, Messages and Maps — that work in all‑new ways. Apps that become even more convenient on the wrist, like Siri, Music and Passbook. And completely new apps like Activity, Workout, and Camera Remote.

TheManBlog Verdict

We think Apple is onto yet another winner here. The design is slick, functionality is good and they are first to market again with this wearable technology. It will be interesting to see if they work as well as they say they are supposed to when they are released into the market on 24 April.

The Apple Watch is price ranges from $349US for the Apple Watch/Sports to $17000US for the Edition version. The price will vary on each model depending on the bands, cases and extras you can get.

We envision that all the Apple fans out there will be rushing to the stores to get their hands on one of these devices. No doubt one of us here will be in line!