5 Tips On How To Take Better Photos Your SmartPhone.

iPhonePhotoDo you have a SmartPhone and at that point in time when you want to capture an image it turns out like crap?  Bad lighting, blurry, etc etc.

Here's 5 tips you may not have known.

1. Use GRID to help align your photos.

Your iPhone has a grid option available, which can aid you in lining up photographs so that they follow the rule of thirds. You can turn this option on by visiting Settings > Photos & Camera and enabling the Grid switch.

2. Turn off the FLASH

You think that would be common sense, right?  Turning the flash off will help to remove hues around objects.  If you are taking photos at night, use the exposure slider to adjust the brightness of the photo.

3. Use Picture Modes

The default setting is photo , but why not try using panorama or square?  Square is particularly good if you like uploading to Instragram.

4. Turn on HDR

HDR is High Dynamic Range. It is useful when you are in a setting of high contrasting light eg a window, bright light or dark trees.  You phone will actually take several shots and merge them together to get the best possible result.

5. Use the volume button to take a picture.

Using the on screen button can often result in moving and shaking the camera. Result = blury photo. To avoid this hold the phone steady in your hands and use the volume button to click. It is much steadier to take a photo this way.


There are some cool APPS that can also help you to take better photos and turn the average photo in to a professional looking picture.

Check out: Phone Photgraphy Tricks for more info and a great APP.