Home Brew - The ultimate beer brewing recipe book

Home Brew - The ultimate beer brewing recipe bookHome Brew - the ultimate beer brewing recipe book.

We've been home brewing for years - love it. There's nothing like a good stout or a refreshing ale.  Over the years we've become adventurous and tried different techniques, flavours and tastes. We tried brewing with honey (definitely a nice touch), changes from glass bottles to plastic bottles (less explosions) and even mixed things together just for the fun of it.

Want to join in the fun!

I’d like to consider myself a real man. I am forever tinkering at something. A jack of all trades – a master of none. Except when it comes to my beer. Home brew is my thing!

I’ve always hated the expense of getting someone else to fix the odd thing. Call-out fees, hourly rates and half-hearted workmanship just irritates me beyond belief.  My wife may complain that it takes me forever to get started on a project and twice as long to fix it – but – I do get things done. Eventually.

One thing you can rest assures upon is that I never slack on my beer.  I hate the ever increasing price of a carton (slab, box, or whatever you want to call twenty-four bottles of beer in a case). The majority of bottles are now only 330mL instead of 375mL. So, I like to home brew.  This venture started many years ago when I was at university and couldn’t afford to buy beer.  Since then it has grown in to a full on craft.

The best things about it are its fun, cheap and tastes great.


The Home Brew

Homebrewing is just like cooking only better. It requires minimal equipment and most recipes are easy to follow.

As I laid down more brews, I started to tinker with recipes. It is so easy adjust the recipes according to your taste.

While this started out as a hobby, my friends and I started to get competitive on who could develop the best mixture. It suddenly turned out to be like a science experiment. My wife would always say “When will you boys ever grow up.” As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”  Hell yeah!

Home brew has never been easier than it is today. Home brew kits contain everything you need can often be purchased from local department or speciality stores. The base mixes like your lagers and dark ales are often found in your local supermarkets.


Handy Tip

My biggest tip is – brew in plastic 1125mL bottles. You don’t need tallies (700mL glass bottles) or any other fancy vessel. Just your average everyday softdrink bottle will do. Serious! And the best thing about them is they expand. This results in less breakages, explosions and mess to clean up in your garage. Since I have changed to plastic bottles – not one explosion. Beautiful!!!! And it tastes just the same.

The process.

The home brewing process is quick and simple. Even my kids have fun helping out making “dad’s special drink”, washing out the bottles, scooping in the sugar and recapping the lids.
1.    The Brew – Mix up your favourite blend into your homebrewing keg with boiling water and sugar.
2.    The Fermentation. The hot mixture needs to cool down and be stored for about 1-2 weeks.
3.    Priming and bottling. When the beer is fully fermented, it is siphoned into your bottles. Stir in some more sugar and cap them up.
4.    Aging. After bottling the beer, it needs two to six weeks for proper aging. On this stage, the yeast will ferment the sugar you added and carbonizes the beer.

Yum-o! Beer is brewed!


Who brews his own beer you say?

I even heard that the president of the United States, Barack Obama, bought his own DIY brewing kit. In fact, he is said to be the first president to request that beer be brewed in the White House.
The White House even posted two recipes on its website.

On ya, mate!


Ultimate Home Brew Recipes

How-to recipes are abound in the World Wide Web and tons of videos are posted in YouTube for you to watch.

I find Home brew is one of is the easiest things to do and can be  challenging as well.

The best way to have a go with homebrewing is following a tried and tested guide. We at The Man Blog found a great eBook to get your homebrewing started. It’s called “The Ultimate Home Brewers Recipe Book.” This eBook contains more than 600 Homebrew recipes you can try. It will even give you free access to the exclusive forums where you will be able to socialize with other home brew beginners and experts alike.

Well aren’t you excited yet? Go ahead and have a go.

My mouth is hanging out for a beer as we speak!!!!  So if you're game and up for a little creativity in your next home brew - check this out.

It is the Home Brew -Ultimate beer brewing recipe book.


Home Brew - the ultimate beer brewing book