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5 Tips On How To Take Better Photos Your SmartPhone.

iPhonePhotoDo you have a SmartPhone and at that point in time when you want to capture an image it turns out like crap?  Bad lighting, blurry, etc etc.

Here's 5 tips you may not have known.

7 Steps For Building the Best Snowman Ever!

7 Steps for Building the Best Snowman Ever!Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

"Brace yourselves, winter is coming," is the motto of House Stark in the popular HBO series 'Game of Thrones'.

While most of us would prefer to be watching the more manly 'Game of Thrones' – the reality is 'Disney's - Frozen' is probably on the TV thanks to your kids and you can't get the 'Do you want to build a snowman' song out of your head. Argh!

Halloween Activities with the Kids

Halloween ActivitiesHalloween is getting bigger globally every year. It's crazy! The celebration on October 31st is also known as the All Hallow's Eve. Who would have thought that tricks and rituals to ward off evil and remember the dead could become so full on.

From the beginning of October, shops are overflowing with Halloween paraphernalia. Kids are looking forward to trick or treating and collecting buckets full – and I mean buckets full – of candy.

I've given up trying to avoid the hype and now jump head first into the hype. It's a great way to spend time with the kids and I get brownie points for being the cool dad.

Man's best friend? HA! Only after I learned the secrets to dog training.

Scarlett - the Siberian Huskie. Secrets to dog training.

Man’s best friend? ...don't be deceived by those big puppy dog eyes!

Picking the right dog is hard. I wanted one that was going to be tough. Big. Fun to have around. I wanted a manly dog, but not one that would scare off a potential mate…for me that is! I had the hardest time trying to pick a puppy. At the shops, they all look at you with their sad little eyes begging you to take them home.

I was quick to learn that picking out the dog was actually quite easy compared to bringing it home and living with it.

Looking for a new hobby? Fancy a bit of wood work?

Woodworking A Great Man’s Hobby: Woodworking

Has your partner (wife, girlfriend, significant other) dragged you around furniture stores for hours on end looking for stuff? You can’t agree on what you like.  All the while the thought is ticking over in your head…I could make something… It would cost less… It would look better… Well, that’s what we like to hear.  You’re a man!!!

Getting that one piece of furniture you want or need made by a master carpenter would cost a fortune. Cheap do-it-yourself furniture from IKEA doesn’t last long. Nothing these days seems to last as long as that sturdy, solid cabinet your grandpa built fifty years ago.

So why not give have a crack at making something yourself.  You’ve been looking for a new interest. If you’re like me, you have a tonne to tools sitting in the shed that are begging to be used. I still have a router sitting in an unopened box. I kid you not! So if you’re looking for something to do with your spare time, woodworking is an age old manly job, hobby, and art that just might be your catch of the day.

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Get a GoPro and learn how to master your GoPro now!

Got a GoPro? Learn how to master your GoProGot a GoPro and think your really cool! Gonna capture that next YouTube video sensation that is going to go viral around the world?


So why not have a crack at mastering that GoPro rather than strapping it on to some part of your body or piece of equipment (bike, helmet, car - whatever is your thing!), pressing the record button and pray that it does video something!

Not all of us are professionals but there are a few quick, easy tips and tricks for you to help improve the quality of your GoPro footage. Learn the basics, to getting unreal footage to editing.

You've gone out and spent all that money - best to master that GoPro and make the most out of it.

Home Brew - The ultimate beer brewing recipe book

Home Brew - The ultimate beer brewing recipe bookHome Brew - the ultimate beer brewing recipe book.

We've been home brewing for years - love it. There's nothing like a good stout or a refreshing ale.  Over the years we've become adventurous and tried different techniques, flavours and tastes. We tried brewing with honey (definitely a nice touch), changes from glass bottles to plastic bottles (less explosions) and even mixed things together just for the fun of it.

Want to join in the fun!

Best Barbeque EVER!!!! - Ultimate Guide to a Delicious Backyard BBQ

bestbbqBest Barbeque ever! Isn't that what you want your mates to say about your barbeque cooking skills?

Let’s face it. The barbeque is the man’s domain. We are attracted to it like flies when family and friends get together.

The smell of a good steak grilling. The sound of sausages sizzling. The mesmerising appeal of all that food. Yum!  Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Now if your friends are anything like mine, we always try to outdo each other.  Barbequing is not excluded in our rivalry.  How would you like to stand out amongst the crowd and become the envy of all your mates by becoming the ultimate barbecue master!

Photography Masterclass for SLR Cameras

Photography Masterclass for SLR CamerasPhotography Masterclasses for SLR Cameras are often expensive, time consuming and you probably know half the stuff already.  But if you want to tweak those skills a little more at your own pace, online courses are the way to go.  Are your photos often blurry, have dull lighting or you think you've taken that great shot and it turns out to be crappy?

When I was younger I dreamed a dream of being a professional photographer. I wanted to shoot sexy women in skimpy underwear, travel to exotic places around the world and get paid to take photographs all day long.  While in reality that hasn’t come true, I still have a love for the lens, have spent a ludicrous amount of money on my little hobby and don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.