Does the 5:2 Diet Plan Really Work?

5:2 Diet - Fasting Diet PlanOkay, guys (and gals) I have been asked whether or not the 5:2 diet plan really works and this is my story. I'm not what you would call a dieter. The last thing I notice in the bathroom are the scales. That's not to say I'm overweight either. I'm just a bit on the chunky side. So when a buddy of mine I hadn't seen for a while, showed up one day at my apartment and he looked like a new man, I was curious.

Turning Old Habits Into New

Jim had lost a few pounds. I could see it in his face and he said it had to do with a fasting diet he was on. I don't know about you, but as soon as I heard the word 'fasting' I started thinking he was eating nothing, you know, starving himself for a couple of days a week. As it turns out, the diet plan he uses is quite simple. It's called an intermittent fast as you don't stop eating completely. Instead, in an average week you eat like you normally would on five of those days. The other two, and not back-to-back, you cut down your calorie intake to 600 calories.

It's Not Starving

Apparently what happens on the calorie reduced days in the seven day cycle is that it forces your body to burn energy stored in reserve in the form of fat and sugar. The whole idea here is that you don't binge on the weekends and use the two calorie reduced days to get back on track. What makes the 5:2 diet plan work is that you eat normally – not stupidly, guys – and on the fasting days you can eat some pretty amazing meals. I found a ton of options online (click here for some great tips) when I did some research so you get to eat well, just not as much.

As Jim was telling me his story I could picture myself trimming down a bit. I seem to recall I have a class reunion coming up in a couple of months and I don't want to look like the slob I've sort of become since high school. It sounded pretty easy to do and the benefits seemed worth giving it a try, so I did.

The Fasting Diet And Me

As I mentioned, I used my brain a bit and hunted down some 5:2 diet plan meal recipes online. I wanted to be able to eat more than just sprigs and leaves as I'm not really into a whole lot of salads and I feared that would be all I could fit into my fasting days. Was I ever wrong! There are meal plans that cover everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as between meal snacks. All of which are healthy and designed to get your body tuned into switching to burning energy from the sugars and fats that it stores anyway.

What that meant for me was some pretty solid weight loss. My pants fit better, I look slimmer and I'm ready to stand with the jocks at my class reunion and actually blend in. I go off and on the 5:2 diet plan and what I've learned is that it has made me eat healthy meals even when I'm not fasting. The cool thing about that is that it helps me keep the weight off that I lost – and it does it safely.

The Bottom Line

I know, the last thing any guy wants to hear from another guy is that you should see your doctor before you start using the 5:2 diet plan. That's just so your doctor knows what you're up to and can tell you if you have any medical conditions that may result in a side effect or two. If you don't hear any of that, then you are pretty much good to go on the fasting diet program.

I ended up finding a really good plan that helps you along the way. So if you need more information, or some extra motivation, then make sure you check out this 5:2 diet 4 week fasting challenge.

This plan will work but you have to take it seriously, too. Just switching from regular potato chips to low calorie potato chips is not going to get you any closer to the numbers you want to see on your bathroom scales. When it comes to fasting diets, don't let the term scare you as the 5:2 diet plan does produce results.

This could be your thing! Find out more about the Fasting Diet Plan.