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Does the 5:2 Diet Plan Really Work?

5:2 Diet - Fasting Diet PlanOkay, guys (and gals) I have been asked whether or not the 5:2 diet plan really works and this is my story. I'm not what you would call a dieter. The last thing I notice in the bathroom are the scales. That's not to say I'm overweight either. I'm just a bit on the chunky side. So when a buddy of mine I hadn't seen for a while, showed up one day at my apartment and he looked like a new man, I was curious.

20 Things You May Not Have Known About Semen

20 Things You May Not Have Known About SemenA humourous, informative and interesting article about those little swimmers! Did you know all these facts?

How to fix your posture? The Compression Shirt That Doubles as a Posture Brace

posture shirtThe name 'compression shirt' has usually been associated with the athletic field, the gym or weightlifting. As it turns out, once we started looking into the mechanics of the compression shirt, we discovered it actually works to correct the common problem of poor posture that most of us may develop at some time in our lives, either through our everyday activities, especially at work or as we get older. Poor posture is the source of many health problems if it is left unchecked. Using a compression shirt can not only correct postural issues and the associated pain, it will also help prevent a number of other conditions and have you looking taller and more confident in life.

Coconut Oil - health benefits and versatile applications

Coconut OilThe coconut tree is called the "tree of life" in the Philippines. That's because the entire coconut tree can be utilized - the roots, the trunk, the leaves and the fruit. The coconut fruit is the source of nutrient rich coconut meat and water. Coconut water was even used as an intravenous fluid in World War II.

In several countries, dried coconut leaves can be made into brooms. The trunk can be used as timber. Roots can be used as a cure for diarrhoea and dysentery. The coconut husk and shell can be processed into coal. Coconut shells can be turned into bowls and drinking cups. The most versatile coconut product however, is the coconut oil.

Is it that time of the year to consider a Man Diet?

The Man DietIt's that time of year where it's all about the food, the drink, the get-togethers; office Christmas parties and holidays. And as the weeks progress, the waist line slowly expands.

No doubt many of you will make the resolution to lose some weight and do more exercise. You can scour the internet for the latest trends, read popular weight loss tips in magazines and be inspired by people on TV. Some of the most popular diets are the Atkins, Juice Feasting and the Paleo diet. At The Man Blog we have already tried a lot of these diets.

So how do you find a diet that is just geared for you and your body type?

How can you lose weight? How can you lose fat and gain muscles?

The Paleo Diet - The diet designed for men

The Paleo Diet - the diet designed for men.The Paleo Diet is all the rage at the moment. You hear about it on the TV, in magazines and on the web. It's a diet where you eat the food you like and it's a way of dieting without counting calorie intake. It's a diet that doesn't feel like DIE-ting at all. As a man, you gotta love that!

Avalanche Ski Training – Japan here we come

Avalanche Ski TrainingIt’s that time of year where we start planning for our summer holidays. Where to go? What to do? Is it just our family or are we going to go somewhere with friends or other family members? After toing and froing for some time, we’ve agreed (shock horror from my wife) to go skiing and head to Japan. (Yes – we’re in the southern hemisphere folks.)

Now, I know it is months away, but yes, these thing take time and planning – well – for my wife anyway! I go to work and earn the money – she can organise the finer details Right!

But after skiing in Thredbo two years ago, the memory of the pain I felt starts to kick in. The sore legs, aching thighs, the bad back and the fatigue at the end of each day.  I am determined that my growing years of age will not hinder my fine performance on the slopes.  I want to be there in the terrain park with the younger folk racing through the half pipe and sliding on the rails (maybe!). So what it comes down to is that I’ve got to do something about my fitness and get ready for the slopes.

Juice Feasting - Cleanse, Rebuild, Rehydrate.

Juice Feasting - Cleanse, Rebuild, Rehydrate. It may seem like one of the latest crazes out there in the marketplace. Everything is now all about superfoods and re-hydration for the body.

Well, we like things simple that don't take too much time to prepare. We like the thought of just throwing stuff into a blender and hey presto - your on the path to better health.

So are you concerned for your health? Want to live better and have more energy. Are toxins sucking the life out of you?

Easy to follow recipes and undeniable health benefits that may even bring your mojo back (if it disappeared!)

Nothing will cleanse, heal, nourish, and rebuild a body like a comprehensive superfood juice cleanse.

Stop Snoring Now. Cure sleep apnea. Natural remedies to stop snoring.

Stop Snoring Now. Cure sleep apnea. Natural remedies to stop snoring.I was often woken during the night with my wife screaming this at me.

I’ve been snoring since I was a kid. It bothered me on my journey to manhood. Women hate men who snore. If I was lucky enough to get a girl home, I then found it difficult to get past the one night stand stage because I was told my snoring was unbearable. (It definitely wasn’t because I was no good in bed, didn’t satisfy her or some other negative factor. Come on - I’m a great guy.)  I hate to admit it, but I do snore!

BUT. I have finally cured my snoring problem. And you would never believe how I cured it. It was so easy. My wife never orders me sleep in the couch or in the spare room anymore.  Are you intrigued to find out how I cured my snoring?

Full Throttle Fat Loss

 Full Throttle Fat Loss - lose weight while enjoying the foods you love.Fat loss is always rammed down our throats in the media on a daily basis. Live a healthier lifestyle. Eat properly. Don't drink so much alcohol. Exercise. It makes you want to scream!!! 

But if we're honest with ourselves, ok, we could lose a few kilos.

Don't you wish there was a way to lose the weight and still enjoy everything you love. We may have found a solution in the Fat Loss Factor.