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7 Manly Movie Series Every Guy Should See

7 Manly Movie Series Every Guy Should WatchThere are many movies that may consciously or subconsciously have an impact on your life. Those that end up deeply set within your psyche that helped you become a better man, ring true to life, provide inspiration, dream, or wish we could be just like the characters in the movie.

We've compiled a list of the seven manliest film series. A must for every male on the planet to experience at least once in his lifetime. These are movies are best viewed with your pals, buddies, mates and even your offspring.

Each movie series started with only one movie but garnered so much acclaim that it gave rise to several sequels. (Some maybe should not have had so many sequels!!!)

In no particular order. Here goes the list of Seven of the Best Manly Movie Series of all time.


Smiling for Smiddy - Help find a cure for cancer.

Smiling for SmiddySmiling for Smiddy delivers inspired challenge events which engage individuals & communities to raise funds for cancer research. More than $5 million has been raised since 2006.

Mater Foundation is major beneficiary with funds supporting world-class research in areas such as melanoma, prostate, breast and ovarian cancers as well as complementary therapies for cancer patients.

The Stylish Man – Grooming Secrets for Men

Stylish Man - Grooming Secrets for MenDo you do your best every day to make everything you wear look like you stepped of a runway show in Milan? No? Well, a man should strive to look good no matter who, where or what he is. A stylish man will always have a place above normal men and inside women's minds. You can be one of them!

Want a career as a sports executive?

Want a career as a sports executive?Want a career as a sports executive?

So you've been an athlete all your life and looking for career options. Or is it simply that sports is in your blood. You live, breath, talk and sleep sport. Why not take your passion or talent and lead the younger generation in their own successful careers.  With business and management skills behind you, you could become a top sporting executive. Learn what it takes to be the best in your game and have a career as a sports executive.

Think like a millionaire with a millionaire's mind.

Think like a millionaire with a millionaire's mindThink like a millionaire...What? Well we're going with the concept of -  think it...and it will happen!  You haven't won lotto and no inheritance has landed in your lap. You're doing everything the good old fashion way and working hard for your bucks.  But are you always looking for ways and ideas to make that journey to the end of the rainbow and that pot of gold happen just that bit quicker.

Are you continually reading books of success stories, business opportunities and upskilling in your best efforts to one day hopefully find that idea that makes you a millionaire? Let's make that a multimillionaire! (We like to aim high.)

If you're continually out to learn new things, better yourself and grow your business like us, then there should be no holding you back.

Overcoming panic attacks and anxiety.

overcome panic attacks and anxietyPanic attacks - breath shortening, palms sweating, muscles tense, vision blurring. Had one of those recently?

Or how about anxiety - awake at night, unable to concentrate on tasks at hand, what if's, agitation. Sound familiar?

The secret to overcoming panic attacks is quiet simple. I never thought the process could be so straightforward.