5 Tips On How To Take Better Photos Your SmartPhone.

iPhonePhotoDo you have a SmartPhone and at that point in time when you want to capture an image it turns out like crap?  Bad lighting, blurry, etc etc.

Here's 5 tips you may not have known.

Super Bowl 50 - Half-time entertainment was better than the game!

Image Source - The AtlanticSuper Bowl – is it about the ads and entertainment or the football?superbowl50

Well the 50th Super Bowl played out on Sunday- the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers. A great game seeing the Broncos defeat the Panthers 24-10. While the Panthers defence was good, it failed to keep the Broncos at bay.

Kickstart 2016 - 10 Tips to ensure you have a great year.

Kickstart 2016Success can mean different things to many people.  A new year offers new opportunities and challenges. The one thing that is for sure, no one can predict the future. As a man trying to make his way in an ever changing world, here is our Man Blog advice to have a great new year.

Cracker Christmas Gifts - Cool gifts for men!

santa deerIt's that time of the year that we men love to hate. The thought of spending endless hours traipsing around shopping centres trying to find gifts is enough to give you nightmares.  So avoid the crowds, the car park dramas and impulse buying by shopping online. There's still plenty of time to ensure delivery before the big day.