About Us

The Man Blog is all about being a MAN. 

We are a group of men who love our sports, our careers (well....some of us are open to new opportunities and changes), our families and life in general.

We all have traveled extensively, played hard, worked hard and like to reap benefits from our long hours in the office.

We consider ourselves to be entrepreneurial, opportunistic business men and want to share with the world our experiences, likes, loves, dislikes and all things manly. Our medium is THE MAN BLOG SITE.

We will ruthlessly promote (in the nicest possible way) and recommend products that we like, have heard great reviews about and we will not shy away from making a buck or two in the process.

We aim to have fun with the site and hope you find the information useful, informative and helps you to become a better man.

Enjoy the Man Blog site.