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Welcome to the Man Blog Site.

This site is dedicated to THE MAN! We are but a bunch of guys that get together on a regular basis to chat, drink, watch sport, bitch and moan. Between us we have a wealth of knowledge in business, have had many successes (and failures) and have experience in a diverse range of industries.

The Man Blog

We all would like to be fitter, healthier, wealthier and have more time to spend on our hobbies, with family and friends.  As we aim to acheive this, we have learnt many things along the way. We all have different skillsets, ideas, relationships and interests, so we thought we'd pull this site together - The Man Blog -  to provide you with resources that we have benefited from, liked, and thought were cool (or down right funny).


We hope you find the information useful and help you on your journey through life. Be the man you want to be.


Have a beer. Have a laugh. Most of all have some fun. We are men after all!


We aim to bring you all things manly now and into the future.


Best Regards


The men at THE MAN BLOG.





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